Green Lake…

There we were in early May trolling for salmon on Green Lake in my v-hull. It was a perfect day for trolling. We had a bit of a breeze, creating a nice salmon chop, white caps, with the occasional gust that brought a refreshing spray across the bow into our faces. As we were pounding up and down in the chop, not even considering to attempt to pour a cup of coffee from the thermos, Bud came cruising by in his pontoon boat with a couple of sports, trolling as well. His boat was steady as a rock in the chop. As Bud maneuvered by we noticed the stringer of fish when one of the sports lifted up a steaming cup of coffee and shouted over the breeze, “what a great day for trolling!”. All of us were enjoying a day of fishing, but some were obviously enjoying the day in comfort thanks to Bud and his nice rig.

Ed Dailide

West Branch of the Penobscot…

September, 2014 — The West Branch of the Penobscot with Bud Farwell as leader and wife and friends. A beautiful and easy route to travel. An ideal time of year. A fine outfitter, leader, companion and story-teller. What more could anyone ask? An honor to be invited to paddle along. I’d do it again and again.

Bill Voss

Allagash Adventure…

Bud guided a fantastic Allagash adventure last summer for several of us and we enjoyed the best of it all.  The logistics of the trip were completely arranged and we simply enjoyed the paddle, vista, camping and menu.  The trip was six days or so and at times we had some typical camping challenges(wind and rain). Spirits were always high, however.
Looking forward to another summer paddle and know it will not disappoint!


Four Outdoor Adventures…

I have taken at least 4 outdoor adventures with Bud. My first was a wonderful October trip a few years ago to a small lake near the NE coast of Maine. The first afternoon Bud boated and released a beautiful 3 pound salmon. The next morning he loaned me his favorite fly that he used the afternoon before. Within an hour I had boated a trout Bud claimed was bigger than his, about 4 pounds. It was a thrill to have this fish rise into the air twice on its’ journey to my net.
A year later Bud invited me on a trip with he and his wife’s beautiful new and fully equipped pontoon boat. The comfort, fun, and successful salmon fishing was second only to the beauty of the sunset over Green Lake, Maine. It was great to walk around the roomy boat and troll some streamers watching for that next big hit. Bud knows how healing and refreshing the great outdoors is for my body. He always goes out of his way to make sure we have time for soaking in the incredible beauty of Maine, its’ wildlife, and listening to its culture through wonderful old stories of how the old-timers experienced this incredible area. I highly recommend all of Bud’s offerings, especially this Green Lake pontoon adventure to families of all ages. I look forward to sharing some fishing this Spring with Bud and a few of my grandchildren.

Daniel Robinson

Upper Penobscot River…

Last fall my husband and I did a four day camping/canoe trip on the upper Penobscot river with two other couples, including Bud as our guide. What a magnificent trip! I cannot overstate what a thorough job Bud did in planning and executing every detail of the trip, and in preparing us to meet the experience. We had just the right clothes, rain gear, and other equipment to ensure our comfort under the variety of weather conditions we encountered. The food that Bud had assembled ahead of time was abundant, gourmet, and easy to prepare under campfire conditions. (We don’t eat so well at home!) The route he chose was well suited to our 60 plus year old bodies: challenging, but within our capabilities, and he was very sensitive to the times when fatigue, physical limitations, or the weather necessitated adjustments to the schedule. I don’t think we’ll ever forget the magnificent beauty of fall in the North Country of Maine or the commaraderie we experienced among our companions. We are so grateful to Bud, and cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone considering an excursion into the back country of Maine.

Heather Spring


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